Presence Factor SEO services

New websites are found through search engines such as: Google, Yahoo and Bing; this is why it is extremely important that your website can be found via search engines.
Search engines are experiencing a radical change in the age of high internet competition; years ago it was enough to just add a website, and a few meta tags to a webpage to get higher rankings.
In order to be successful it is necessary to have a well thought-out optimization plan.
Our SEO plan gives you exactly what you need to get high rankings, and be a champion in the overly competitive online world.
Once our job is done, your website will get high rankings for specific keywords used in search engines by users around the globe. 
In order for your web pages to be found via search engines, it is necessary to optimize them.
• Search engine usage is the most common web activity;
• Research shows that 90% of internet users find new sites via search engines;
• 80 % of internet users use search engines on a daily basis;
• 80% of them do not care to search further that the first two pages;
• 75% of all online purchases are made through websites found via search engines;
• 95% of internet users find that websites found via search engines are the champions in their field.

Naturally not all websites can reach top rankings in the vast, complicated web. Only those that are relevant to specific key words reach the top.
This is were we step in and optimize your presence on the web.
For example, if your website is about cats then the search engine will link to your website. Again, you need high rankings, in order for your online cat shrine to pop first on the list once we google “kittens”. This you can achieve through search engine optimization (SEO).

You need to know that an average Internet user will not look further than the first page listed via a search engine. Danny Sullivan, Search Engine Marketing Columnist, puts it this way: "Being listed 11 or beyond means that many people may miss your website."
An SEO profiler we are offering makes this process easy and painless.
More search engine rankings you have, more visitors, customers and sales you have. This is a key to your online business success.
Internet users spend millions, if not billions a year on online purchases.
Users that use search engines to look up something have taken the initiative to actively pursue their desired purchase.
It’s simple: people want to get something of high quality, for less money than they expected, and they want it now. Once a customer searches for a term, e.g. kittens” SEO will enable your website to be listed among the first ones, and for your future customer to visit your website.


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