Content factors II

Microformats and markup data
Microformat is a markup that is used to create a better structure of the data being sent to search engines.
Lower the number of outgoing links
In the Pages/Site structure you should be able to pick the Content workspace and check the Outgoing links total column. Too many links on your pages, is bad, and may cause your website to appear as a spam site. It’d be best if you could make sure that  your outgoing linking is moderated to under a 100 links/page.
Keyword-rich anchors
We advise you to add keywords to your internal links. Because a strong keyword-rich internal link structure will boost  your website’s relevance in the search rankings.
 Landing pages optimization
We are all about optimization here, eh? You got that right! We warmly recommend you to follow all the recommendations for each page in the Page elements section.


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