Content Factors

Re-write duplicate and missing titles
In site structure  you should be able to pick the Content workspace and  check the duplicate title column. In case there are duplicate titles, they need to be rewritten. You should also attention to the title length column. The most effective page titles are about 65 characters long with spaces. Keep your titles  right to the point and short, also make sure they contain your best keywords. 

 Meta descriptions
Meta descriptions dictate how your pages are shown in search results. For optimum results meta descriptions should be about 150 characters long.
Your meta descriptions should be short, right to the pint and contain your best keywords. Each page of your website has to have its own meta description.

More content
The Body Word count column of the Content workspace in Pages-Site structure shows how many words are there in the text on your pages . There's no ideal word count for a page, however you should consider adding more content if your current page word count is below 200 words. 
Diversifying your text-only content
We advise you to use  images to diversify your page content and get traffic from Google image search.


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