Content, Links, And Social Media

In the past year, success in SEO has been based on  how businesses were putting together robust combination strategies that brought together an integrated web of great content, credible links, and social signals. 

Each of these parts are interrelated and are of great value to the readers.  This enabled businesses to build their authority and brand value. 


The first step towards reaching an effective SEO strategy is the site content and structure of the content. The way you organize and optimize your content should be governed by five aspects: 

i) keyword research, 
ii) content optimization, 
iii) user experience, 
iv)site design, and 
v)the presence of a blog with great content  updated frequently.

We will go more into depth with each of these in the following few dys, so stay tuned!

Link building is the second step you must overcome, SEO is a never ending process, as we emphasized multiple times, and so is linkbuilding, the second pillar of a successful SEO plan.
Links give Google an important heads up,  another site or reader found material on your webpage valuable and relevant  for them, the users, to link to it. The more links you get, the more valuable your content is. More likes builds trust and authority. This makes your pages  to rank higher, and eventually creates more traffic.

Nowadays social media has transformed and changed SEO. social signals and consumer behavior have direct impact on how SEO is planned and how sites are ranked in SERPs. ,


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