Content Marketing

Search engines determine what is and what is not quality content. Optimizing your site you won’t be left behind. 


In order to achieve  success in SEO and content development  you need to follow a simple process of :  research, execute, analyze and scale.

Content is of primary importance in the online marketing space because it determines relevance and expertise.

SEO is very challenging, because it’s all about beating other websites’ content. You need to be more comprehensive, informative and actionable, as well as helpful, appealing and trustworthy.


The research phase of the abovementioned process involves three components:

1)   You need to determine the demand for the content you are creating;
2)   You need to identify your competitors’ similar content, and make your content more interesting and more relevant;
3)   For outreach and networking purposes you need to make a list of people or organizations interested in your topic area.


Creating, optimizing and marketing your content is easy if you have  a research that you can rely on.


It is important to regularly analyze your content once it’s up and running. Content assets’ usage data and engagement rate i.e. the bounce rate, visit duration and page visits, need to be determined at this stage. This assessment allows you to determine the next set of steps you will have to take to optimize your content. Social and link attraction, as well as branding and lead generation will show how successful all this hard work was and will help determine your future plans.


The evergreen content assets ranked highly on search results is one of many ways to upscale your content.


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