Free SEO tools

Paid tools are essential when you need advanced features, increased limits, historical features, or online support.

Sometimes, in order the wanted aim a free tool does the trick.

A/B Testing; Visual Website Optimizer allows you to run A/B tests.

 Keyword Eye

Keyword research done by adding rich visualizations — essential when you want to move beyond keywords to valuable concepts.


One of the more popular link research tools, Ahrefs offers a large index and nice anchor text distribution charts. Mostly a paid tool, but they offer some free data.

Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

If you could only choose one WordPress plugin for you site, the first would be from Yoast, and so would the second.

Virante SEO Tools

Virant offers a number of high quality SEO tools to the public.

Social Mention

Social mention offers real-time social media search and analysis. Enter a search term and see who's sharing what, right now.


More raw data than any other SEO toolbar out there

EO Toolbar

On of the most popular tools available, The SEO Toolbar puts a ton of information at your fingertips including backlinks and competitive research.

SEO Tools for Excel

You don't need to be an Excel ninja to use Niels Bosma's SEO Tools for Excel. This plugin does so many things many SEOs won't work without it.

The most popular of all the analytics tools available, Google Analytics continually innovates and sets the standard.

The Google Analytics API is great for building custom reports and tools, and also for pulling data straight into Excel or Google Docs.

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