Metrics and PPC report

1.   Attract
Follow a simple list of threeindicators that will keep you on track:
·         Message
·         Audience
·         Time
In PPC terms, this would translate to techniques like keyword choice, targeting, and bidding. It’s all aboput delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time.

2.   Engage
·         Clicks
·         CTR

3.   Convert
·         Conversion
·         Cost
·         Cost Per Conversion
·         Conversion Rate
·         Revenue Per Conversion
·         ROI
·         Average Position
·         Average CPC
ROI can be the value of your pageviews, leads, etc.
Install Conversion Tracking and Analytics tools, this will help you keep a pulse on important numbers like total revenue, total cost, and advertising cost.
4.   Renew
·         Returning Visitors
·         Returning Visitors Revenue
·         Building loyalty through repeat purchases, incentives, and promotions.
·         Create smart and targeted remarketing campaigns, and analyze their path to determine why the user conversion didn't occur, identify the obstacle.


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