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Optimizing your brand’s content and a shift in search strategies

Your focus should be on meaningful content paying attention to mobile engagement with the content that will turn into a need for longer-term SEO and content marketing commitments.

One thing is certain, SEO is along-term process. The point of SEO is to enhance your brand's opportunity for discoverability.

Follow the shift of search strategies

Number of mobile devices on this planet will surpass the population of the world in the near future, there are about 6.8 billion mobile devices used by 7 billion people.

You need to consider how your brand content is discovered and engaged with by searchers on a mobile device as well as by users of desktop computers. For example, on a mobile device geography is more likely taken into consideration. Or even, a conversational or voice search is a more likely occurrence on a mobile device versus a desktop, e.g. on your mobile device you'd likely speak into your phone and say, "I'm looking for a vegetarian restaurant in Lisbon", so there is a difference in the behavior and use. Naturally, if behavior is changed, you need to pay attention to the following: 
  • How is the content consumed by the user, 
  • Who is searching and what medium he/she is using, 
  • What is the user’s stage in the buying cycle, and
  • What are the conversion rate differences.

Google is now focusing its algorithm changes on ensuring relevant search results are relevant for those searches made from a mobile device.

If you're thinking of starting an SEO or content marketing strategy, be sure to account for the trends in mobile phones usage and how will your SEO measure discoverability and engagement of content in comparison to a desktop user.

You need to know that you should expand your keyword research and tracking!
User's behavior varies greatly depending on whether they search from their mobile device  or a desktop device. This means more keywords need to be monitored for discoverability and position change to understand which content asset is potentially being discovered for a grouping of similar keywords.
Groupings of like keywords are key, e.g.:
  • Restaurant
  • Vegetarian restaurant
  • Restaurant Lisbon
  • Restaurant in Lisbon
  • Vegetarian restaurant Lisbon
  • Vegetarian restaurant in Lisbon
  • I am looking for a restaurant
  • I am looking for a vegetarian restaurant
  • I am looking for a vegetarian restaurant in Lisbon.

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