What have we learned so far?

We offer you a recap of the last two weeks of our educational posts in SEO and content marketing.



1.  SEO is used to attract visitors from search engines by categorizing and ranking your site for keywords relevant to your business.

2. On-site SEO and off-site SEO are required. 

3. Start doing SEO now to get ahead of your competition

5. No two websites are the same and require different SEO strategies, SEO strategy for your website is custom made.

5.SEO doesn’t have to be expensive and can even be free.

6. SEO results aren’t instant and you may wait for apparent results for weeks or even months.

7. The newer your website is, the more patient you will need to be because it takes time to build authority and trust that would lead to outranking your competition.

8. Your website is always a work in progress.

9. Adapt to algorithm updates. 

10. Get advice from Google through their Webmaster Guidelines and Webmaster Help Videos.


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