Your Website on Google's first page II

SEO marketing is an endless, ongoing process because markets and businesses constantly evolve. Consumer feedback is important when making a work plan, also, you need to “read” the market, be aware of who your competition is in order to create new ideas that would expose you brand further. 
The following text will explain why web analytics are so important. Why and how to use rank checker to track your progress, and why it may take a while to achieve the wanted result. The text also offers an insight into how to double your success by creating a second page targeting the same meta tags and keywords. 
Web analytics:

Web analytics can significantly reduce your customer acquisition costs.
There are top five areas we pay attention to when engaging into analytical observation:

  1. Top Referrers;
  2. Content Groups;
  3. Top Paths;
  4. Technical Statistics, and
  5. Qualified Visits per product. 

Besides the key words associated with your web page discussed earlier, it is important to gain insight into content the visitors are most interested into. There are several questions we pay attention to:

  • What content areas are they visiting most?
  • What content should be on the homepage?
  • Top pages people are accessing?
  • Are there areas of the website visitors are interested into but it is not easily accessible?
What about your site navigation? When analyzing site navigation we pay attention to these key areas:

  • Is the site navigation leading visitors to desired actions?
  • Are the visitors reaching the content you want them to?
  • Where are the top exit pages?
Top destination paths are important because we are leveraging our path analysis in order to optimize conversion events through the registration and check-out processes.

We pay attention to the overall optimization of your website and we check if it’s free of errors:

  • Are there any errors submitting registration or order forms?
  • Are there any problems with the servers?
  • Is there a 404 ‘Page Not Found’ error?

Is the website supporting your business objectives?

  • Are there enough “qualified visits”?
  • Is the website navigating visitors to desired actions?
  • What “products” are your visitors most interested in?
  • Are you increasing or decreasing conversion when you make changes to your site?


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