Your Website on Google's first page III

What exactly should you be doing?


1.     Creating microsites

Past experiences have shown that , they have been a great way to rank sites in the past, and continue to be. Microsites are small, thematic sites that provide useful information for and about your niche. Your site is cited as the main source. Google essentially wants the web space to be packed with these little thematic sites, and for them to cite the primary site source. These smaller, thematic sites are of higher quality help expand your presence in your business niche, this expanded visibility and positive authoritative rankings is directly connected to your main site.

2.     Blogging

Blogging is an effective solution to expand your web presence. It is simply not enough to have a private network with poorly placed and organized content in small quantities. An internalized niche-blog network, such networks are generally more selective than large bog networks. This way they ensure proper quality control and avoid footprints.

3.     Diversify

Diversifying anchor text is another important, and useful method in expanding your web presence. When building links , yu have two options, or rather, a dilemma, whether to spend X time or money on a term you want to Y, or  to spend the time and money on a term that seems natural, but you are not aiming at it. 

When conducting SEO, the first option s the most wanted one, this way we are spending resources on building links that will help you rank, both directly and indirectly.

4.     Portray yourself as a business

This appears to be a successful way of improving your web presence and visibility. Websites marked as “businesses” do a lot better than those that only aim at obtaining leverage traffic from Google. Look at other traffic sources besides Google, this will make you less reliant on Google, and their seemingly fickle SERP shuffles.


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