Do you really need to change your domain name?

Yes, you’ve heard it! You can indeed change your domain name and keep your SE rankings. There are several steps in achieving this.




The first two steps in achieving our goal of changing the domain name but keeping our bellowed rankings is to register the new domain or purchase an old domain, next you need to upload a “coming soon” page,,  transfer the little bits of your website, upload pages to the new  domain, and redirect the old pages to the new ones. 

Sounds easy enough?  That’s what we thought. Next you need to get into the Google webmaster console and use the “change of address” tool. Update your important back-links, and optimize. Patience here is crucial. If you follow these steps you will gain rather than lose. 

The loss of organic traffic will not affect your SEO status much. Keep in mind that a change of domain name should be avoided, and is the last option.



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