Attention! Removed Ads From The Search Results Page Can Affect Your Adwords Budget!

Google recently removed text ads from the right-hand side of search results and simultaneously, we will now be able to see four ads to show just above the organic results although this is only on a slight percentage of highly commercially relevant queries.
The ads that appear below the results are unaffected by this change, and with those ads below this results, we can now have a maximum of seven text ads showing at the same time, on a single page. This is a decrease from 11 ads which used to be there when you include the ones that showed on the right in the previous arrangement.
This update is to improve ultimately user’s web presence optimization experience on Google search and to make that experience steady across all devices. From statistics, the majority of searches happen on mobile these days and Google search page on mobile view does not have a right-hand-side-ads.
For a long time, from statistics generated from the number of clicks each ad attracted, it was observed that text ads on the right rail were simply less useful than they should have been; that is, users didn’t click on them as much as other ads and when users don’t click on things such as ads, it means it simply isn’t what they are looking for.
By showing fewer ads, users are able to interact more with what Google has to offer on search results pages and with this development, the change would benefit users who increasingly search across devices. Also extensive testing on a desktop has provided lots of data about how this movement affects ad performance.
The data has shown a lot of things such as how the change is neutral for small advertisers. Some have expressed concerns over the fact that the number of adverts being reduced ultimately makes small advertisers priced out of the ad slots and since the launch of the new layout, small businesses haven’t seen much of a change in clicks.
With this new design, the vast majority of PPC advertisers are better off and this achieves a genuine intent of this change to provide useful results like web presence optimization without any adverse effects on advertiser performance.
As an advertiser, however, there are certain steps and measures to take to ensure you don’t entirely miss out on the great features and advantages of the new change. These steps are:
Monitor your performance reports
Watch out for your offers and spending plans
Empower all augmentations that work well for you
Keep on concentrating on composing great advertisements

Finally, refine your AdWords focusing on if expanded rivalry turns into an issue.

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