Google Explains How to Search Console Reports Work

Why are the reports in the Google Search Console delayed?

Sometimes some reports from the Google Search Console reporting get delayed and this post is to talk about how it works. One reason for the delay is because of idleness from crawling to reporting and per-URL crawling rates contrast.
With respect to the totaled reports in Search Console, there are two-time parts incorporated that one ought to think about:
Inactivity from crawling to reporting, it takes a couple of days and sometimes a week for Search Console to show information after it has been crawled. Different procedures keep running over the information, and Search Console tries to mirror the last state — which can take a touch of time to get. This is mainly unmistakable with an unexpected change, for instance, going from no AMP page to stacks of AMP pages. 

Crawl rates Per-URL varies. Some URLs are crawled at interims, others each couple months, and some around the center. Going from all URLs are broken to all URLs are settled (which is incredible when you have a way to deal with that!), will take some a while to drop to "zero errors" in the amassed reports. Numerous website admins definitely realize that the Google Search Console information is postponed by two days or more; this explains why that is the situation.
Accelerated Mobile Pages AMP task is an open-source activity planning to enhance the execution of the portable web. It was propelled by Google last October. Basically, AMP strips out the vast majority of the components which cause website pages to stack slower on cell phones. For instance, Java Scripts, remaining navigational elements, and a considerable measure of customary advertisements; HTTPS is required for AMP pages. This has a tendency to enhance the vicinity web advancement for most Google client.

 In summary, it requires speculation for the data to get to the Search Console by:

(a) The time it took Google to send the data from the crawling office to the interest console division 

(b) The way that unmistakable URLs on a site can be crawled less or all the more as frequently as could reasonably be expected.

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